Weekly Capsule 35.1: Real-life Inspired

white top black skirt brown flats by 14 shades of grey

I totally stole this outfit from a co-worker who teaches in the Television department (our school is divided into Theater, Film, and Television departments; I’m in Film). It may not be an exact copy, but I remember seeing her wearing a white sleeveless top with a black midi skirt and flats and thinking “I could totally put together something like that”. One of the nice things, sartorially speaking, about working at a liberal art college is that there are always stylish people around for inspiration. Including the students. Though of course the students tend to be, shall we say, wilder in their style, so you have to be a bit more selective about what inspiration to pull from them.

white top black skirt by 14 shades of greywhite top black skirt brown flats by 14 shades of grey

black skirt brown flats by 14 shades of greywhite top necklace by 14 shades of grey

Top: Mango, Skirt: thrifted, Flats: Footglove, Necklace: local shop

7 Comments on “Weekly Capsule 35.1: Real-life Inspired”

  1. Mike says:

    You look great Salazar! Nice look! And I know what you mean. When I was in college, we had a building that was devoted totally to art, such as sculpture, painting, drawing and even lecture rooms for art history. And while the staff were mostly conservative in their attire, some of the students were, shall we say, more liberal in their outfits?… Some were so “colorful” that they themselves could have been works of art!
    Have a great week!

  2. So pretty! I love how the necklace ties in with the shoes 🙂

  3. Mike says:

    Speaking of matching, are we doing the SIA challenge for this week?

  4. Oh, I love this! I used to have a black maxi skirt that I always wanted to hem up to this length; it would have looked exactly the same. But it was always a bit too small for me, so… I got rid of it. I love the simplicity of this look.

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