Weekly Capsule 32.4: Casual Work

chambray shirt navy skirt snakeskin slipons by 14 shade of grey

School doesn’t officially start until next week, but I’ve already been teaching for two weeks now at an amateur film making workshop. Since the students are of all ages (the oldest I’ve had is middle-aged, the youngest is 15) and the atmosphere is much more relaxed than a usual class with college-aged students, I tend to dress much more casually than I normally do – like this, for example. And yet, despite that, I’ve never been mistaken for a student like I have at school. Weird, right?

chambray shirt navy skirt by 14 shade of greychambray shirt navy skirt snakeskin slipons by 14 shade of grey

navy skirt snakeskin slipons by 14 shade of greychambray shirt arrow necklace by 14 shade of grey

Shirt: Esprit, Skirt: Banana Republic (thrifted), Sneakers: local shop, Necklace: Forever21

Also, I’m very proud that this week I managed to mix and match just 6 items. I know I’ve promised not to pay too much attention to the numbers anymore, but I’d like to keep the number of items in a weekly capsule under 8 if I can. Anyway, here are my looks this week:

chambray shirt navy jeans captoe flats by 14 shades of greyred striped top navy skirt captoe flats by 14 shades of grey

red striped shirt blue jeans snakeskin slipons by 14 shades of greychambray shirt navy skirt snakeskin slipons by 14 shade of grey


3 Comments on “Weekly Capsule 32.4: Casual Work”

  1. Mike says:

    That’s an interesting experience. The vibe that you get from teaching people of all ages must indeed be different than it is for when you’re teaching a group of people that are all around the same age. You can see the generational gap I guess you could say with ages that range from 15 to like 45. Just putting this out there but I know that from a student’s point of view, it was so different for me when I started college and discovered that there were people of all ages in the class with me, instead of just my fellow peers that were close to my age. It was more relaxed (and more mature) than that of high school. People were more serious with their studies, of which I liked since the teachers (professors) could actually teach and not act as disciplinarians. Of course, this was only really seen in my general ED classes. As I moved up the college ladder and got closer to my field of study, there were more students of my own age rather than those that were 20 years my senior.

  2. I’ve missed the majority of this week’s outfit posts, but every week I say it’s my favorite. Your process is becoming so much more refined and your outfits ramp up every single time. I always enjoy seeing the week round up.

  3. Andi says:

    Such a pretty skirt! It is cool to see the same items over and over. I’m so tired of bloggers who only wear an item once.

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