Weekly Capsule 32.3: The End Of A Decade

red striped shirt blue jeans snakeskin slipons by 14 shades of grey

My birthday was last week. I’ve never been big on birthday parties (I didn’t celebrate my birthday at all during all those years I lived in LA), but since my niece loves them and my sister’s birthday and mine are so close together, we just made a cake and had a small family party on the weekend. It’s weird though, thinking that I’m 29 years old. I still feel the same as I did when I was 17. But then again, nobody knows how being 29 is supposed to feel either, right? Adulthood is a huge lie, I’m telling you πŸ˜›

A funny coincidence: I wore a very similar outfit exactly a year ago. Except this time my shirt is long-sleeved and my shoes are snakeskin, not leopard. I did think of that outfit when putting this together, but I had no idea that the timing aligned as well!

red striped shirt blue jeans lace scarf by 14 shades of greyred striped shirt lace scarf by 14 shades of grey

blue jeans snakeskin slipons by 14 shades of grey

red striped shirt blue jeans snakeskin slipons by 14 shades of greyred striped shirt lace scarf by 14 shades of grey

And the scarf is still the perfect make-shift hoodie.

Top: Forever21, Jeans: Mango, Scarf: self-made, Sneakers: local shop

4 Comments on “Weekly Capsule 32.3: The End Of A Decade”

  1. Mike says:

    Happy birthday Salazar! I know I’m late in saying it, but I just now found out about it so I guess it’s be-lated birthday. πŸ™‚
    I know what you mean. I’m not big on birthdays either as most people don’t even remember it. I guess Christopher Columbus is more well known than I during that time, hahaha. πŸ˜›
    But yeah, I get you on the age thing. I’m 31 but I feel the same now as I did in my late teens (I think). I used to think that once I became an adult, I would have like this total transformation feeling (sort of like how Popeye gets stronger after eating his spinach). But nope, no such feeling ever came over me. I guess the only real difference for us now than it was for us in our teen years is that we have more responsibilities and thinking about “adult related” cumundrums that we have to solve in life. What a thing to look forward to right?
    But I’m glad that you got to celebrate it with your family. And by strange coincidence, my brother’s birthday is real close to mine, like your sister’s birthday is to yours, like 2 weeks close. But we’re 3 years apart. Interesting, yes?
    And yeah, pretty cool that your outfit for your day this year nearly matches the one from last year. You should maybe make it your official birthday outfit from now on! And I have a shirt that looks just like yours in short sleeves!

  2. Salazar says:

    Thank you for the birthday wish. And not to boast or anything, but 2 weeks is nothing. Try 3 days – my sister and I were 6 years and 3 days apart. I even have cousins who were born on the same day, exactly 2 years apart. Our parents were really on schedule πŸ˜›

    • Mike says:

      You’re welcome. Wow, that is a true coincidence. A 6 year difference but 3 days apart? You’re right; 2 weeks is nothing compared to that! But besides ours, most siblings’ birthdays are months apart. So it’s pretty cool that our birthdays are in the same month. And what’s nice about it is that if we do celebrate, we usually do it on the week that’s in between our birthdays; one cake, one party. πŸ™‚

  3. jaymieashcraft says:

    Cute look!!!!
    I’d love for you to join my very first fashion link up today. πŸ™‚

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