SIA Inspiration: Jack Vettriano

Apologies for the late SIA announcement, since Jess was sick (get well soon, Jess!) Anyway, here is her pick, “The Singing Butler” by Scottish artist Jack Vettriano:

I have never heard of the artist or even seen the painting before, but apparently it’s the best selling art print in the UK. Pretty impressive. I love the crisp colors and the slightly surreal feel of it too. Deadline is, as usual, next Monday, July 27th (send your submissions to, so let’s get inspired!

One Comment on “SIA Inspiration: Jack Vettriano”

  1. Mike says:

    I never heard of or seen this painting either. But it looks to be the perfect candidate for an SIA event!
    Hey, the other day when we were talking about your dream and how vivid it was, well, I just had another one of my weird dreams last night. It was about art. I dreamed that I was on a planet that was filled with art supplies of every sort and that the ground was covered with art work. And I saw myself making art all over the ground. This one I think is pretty obvious. I need to make more art!

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