Weekly Capsule 26.3: Recurring Storm

white striped shirt black pants black slip-ons by 14 shades of grey

After a few insanely muggy days, the first hurricane of the season just hit Vietnam. Hanoi is far enough inland that it didn’t really affect us, save for a metric shit ton of rain (I managed to sneak these photos between two heavy rainstorms – it’s a simple outfit for running errands, but I like it.)

Speaking of storms, I’ve been having this weird recurring dream for at least a year now. The details may vary, but it always goes like this: I’m in some high place (usually a room in a tall building), watching the horizon, then some huge storm clouds or tornadoes start rising up from the horizon and rush toward me, and finally they hit the building I’m in with such a force that all the windows shatter. And it ends with either broken glass or pieces of hail around me. It’s not that weird when described like that; what’s weird for me is that it’s recurring – I never used to have recurring dreams. I wouldn’t call it a nightmare either, because in the dream I’m more excited/in awe at the display of natural forces than scared. I’m not big on dream interpretation, so I have no idea what it means. Maybe I’m secretly a storm chaser?

white striped shirt black pants black slip-ons by 14 shades of greywhite striped shirt black pants by 14 shades of grey

white striped shirt necklace by 14 shades of greyblack pants black slip-ons by 14 shades of grey

Shirt: Forever21, Pants: thrifted, Necklace & Sneakers: local shops

4 Comments on “Weekly Capsule 26.3: Recurring Storm”

  1. Mike says:

    I’m happy to hear that you guys weren’t affected much by the hurricane Salazar. But wow…. judging by how damp it looks behind you, I’d say that you got hit by some serious rain there. It sounds like Hanoi gets even more serious storms than Ohio gets. We’re known for our extremes here. So far, this has been one of the wettest summers that we have ever gotten. I mean, sure it’s great for the trees and grass and all, but it’s rained so much here this year that I’m feeling quite water-logged, lol. I got rained on again the other day going home. 😛

    Hmmm… Those are some interesting dreams. I know nothing about dreams as I don’t have them too often these days. But perhaps your dreams are trying to tell you something? You said that you are always in a tall building in your dreams right? Perhaps it has something to do with you moving up with your teaching; going solo in the coming semester. It’s a new level for you and maybe your dreams were trying to tell you this? This is merely speculation of course, but you know how the higher level employees usually work on the top floors of tall buildings? It could be that because you are moving up in your job, your subconscious mind is somehow responding to this. Make sense? Dreams are an enigma to me so I can’t be sure. :/

    • Salazar says:

      I don’t know, I’ve been having the dream for a while now so I don’t think the change in my job has anything to do with it. I’m pretty literal about dream interpretation, so I believe the reason for the dream is simply because since moving home, I’ve been seeing storms and rains a lot more frequently than when I was in LA (where it’s sunny, cloudless most of the time and even when it rains, there is no thunder). Now whenever a storm is brewing I always go outside to look at the clouds, so I guess it just echoes in my dreams – I’ve missed rains and thunders more than I thought!

      • Mike says:

        Yeah, you’re probably right. It was just speculation I had based on what you recently said about your new job. Dreams can be interpreted in so many different ways. There’s no real clear picture to them. I tend to look for a double or deeper meaning in my dreams because they are so weird. I had a dream once where I was walking into a diner, like the early style ones of the early 1900s and it was snowing outside. That’s the dream. Now I wouldn’t even begin to know how to interpret that one. I haven’t been to an actual diner in a long time, but I remember liking the experience. And I had the dream during our winter season, around Christmas, so that may explain the snow I saw. But who knows?
        Well, just thought I’d share my thoughts on what your dream could mean.
        Your interpretation makes more sense. Seeing all of that rain probably triggered the recurring dream. That’s a good way to look at it!

  2. Thanks 4 linking up to Top of the World Style. Cute look!

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