SIA Inspiration: Théophile Steinlen

Last week I wore a cat shirt for SIA, so this week I decided to just follow my cat lady’s instinct and pick a cat painting as inspiration:

This is “Chat sur un Fauteuil” (Cat on a Chair) by Théophile Steinlen, the French Art Noveau painter and printmaker, and a man after my own heart, because he is most known for his cat figures – in prints, paintings, drawings, and sculptures too. You may recognize his poster for Le Chat Noir, which started Steinlen’s career.

In the end, though, I picked this painting instead of his more recognizable posters, because it looks just like my own cat, from the coloring to the posture and the expression:

cat by 14 shades of greyI called this “Chat sur le réfrigérateur”:D

Of course, the neutral color scheme is also a plus, and I think there are enough interesting textures and lines here for interpretation (you could even do something feline-inspired, like a leopard print.) So get inspired, put together an outfit, and send them to me by next Monday, June 29th. Bonus point if you have a cat with you!

One Comment on “SIA Inspiration: Théophile Steinlen”

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