SIA: Golden Flowers


It’s time for SIA, inspired by Crystal Liu’s “The Flowers” series! The delicate lines and muted palette of the painting have inspired some classy outfits, so let’s begin with Stephanie:


Those golden shoes in the bottom photos actually belong to Stephanie’s friend and our co-host, Jen, who put together not just one, but two outfits inspired by this painting:


Erin of Loop Looks also looks amazing in her black-white-and-metallic outfit:

My co-creator, Jess, is so lady-like in her polka dot blouse and textured skirt:


And here’s me – as it happens, I have the exact reverse of Jess’ outfit, polka dot skirt and striped shirt!

striped shirt polka dot skirt black heels by 14 shades of grey

This has been a wonderful SIA. Thank you ladies for participating, and check back next week for Jen’s artwork pick!


2 Comments on “SIA: Golden Flowers”

  1. kezzie says:

    All of these are really beautiful and classy! Alas, I wanted to take part but was on holiday with none of the right clothes!!!x

  2. Soooooo pretty — the inspiration painting and all the interpretations! Love that you and Jess mirrored each other again! 🙂

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