SIA Inspiration: Crystal Liu

I’ve been wanting to feature these paintings by Crystal Liu on SIA forever, ever since I saw them on The Jealous Curator, but I had to wait until now for them to be online:


This is “Golden”, one in a series titled simply “The Flowers” (see more of them here, just click on “show thumbnails”.) I was drawn to these because they remind me of traditional ink wash paintings – delicate lines, black-and-white color scheme, minimalist details, but with a modern twist. So if you’re inspired, put together an outfit and send it to me ( by next Monday, April 6th. You can use this painting or any from the series. Have fun!

One Comment on “SIA Inspiration: Crystal Liu”

  1. […] week’s Style Imitating Art painting which is totally gorgeous and right up my alley (see it here). Metallic and black and white? Yeah, I can do […]

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