Closet Inventory, Six Months Later


Even though I’m doing the weekly capsule thing to keep from restricting too much and burning out, I still counted the last three months of outfits as the unofficial Winter/Spring capsule, and next week I’ll move on to the Spring/Summer capsule, since the weather is warming up fast. I’m not going to do a round-up of how many pieces I wore and how many outfits I got out of those, because that would bring me right back to counting numbers and stressing out about it. Instead, here is a different kind of counting: to see how much my closet has changed after 6 months of capsule wardrobe. Let’s take a look, shall we?

3 sleeveless tops
9 short-sleeved tees
7 long-sleeved tees
17 shirts/blouses
11 sweaters/sweatshirts
8 cardigans
6 blazers
5 coats/jackets

7 pairs of pants
8 pairs of jeans
9 skirts
15 dresses (I’m holding on to a lot of these for sentimental values)

3 pairs of tall boots
4 pairs of ankle boots
6 pairs of heels (a few of these still need to be cut down and/or replaced)
5 pairs of flats
1 pairs of oxfords
2 pairs of sandals

Total: 126 pieces

That, compared to the 172 pieces of my last inventory, is a huge improvement. I honestly didn’t expect I would be able to cut down so much. So, despite its ups and downs, the capsule wardrobe has definitely been useful in helping me understand what kind of things I like to wear and what works for me, and making me shop smarter. I guess I’ll keep doing it then!

One Comment on “Closet Inventory, Six Months Later”

  1. Meghan @ Hayes Days says:

    Though I’m not planning to continue with a strict capsule wardrobe, I do plan to continue buying items and shopping in a capsule style. I’m forgetting a number and letting myself add a few frivolous things there and here, but over all, dressing and buying in that style has also helped me build a better closet.

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