SIA Inspiration: Dong Ho Woodcut Painting

It is again my turn to pick the inspiration for SIA, and with the upcoming Lunar New Year, I decided to go back to my root and choose a Dong Ho painting:


Dong Ho paintings are perhaps the most famous of Vietnamese folk art. They’re made by woodblock printing on special paper, using colors from natural sources. Traditionally a part of the Lunar New Year decoration (nowadays not so much), they’re always brightly colored and depicting scenes of prosperity and happiness. This one here, for example, shows a school of carps, a symbol of good fortunes and success.

I’ve always liked Dong Ho paintings, not just for the tradition, but also for the graphic and whimsical quality in them. I picked this one because has a lot of interesting patterns and solid primary colors, which I think could translate well into an outfit. So if you’re inspired, put something together and send me a photo ( by next Monday, February 23rd. Have fun!


One Comment on “SIA Inspiration: Dong Ho Woodcut Painting”

  1. […] inspiration for the SIA I am styling was chosen by Jen’s friend Salazar on her blog 14 Shades of Grey.  It is a Dong Ho woodblock print that reflects Salazar’s Vietnamese roots.  She chose this […]

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