“Black Mirror: White Christmas”


Ah, Black Mirror. The sick, dark, twisted sci-fi anthology show that makes me so happy (and terrified) when I first discovered it. For a while it looked like the show wasn’t showing to get another season, so I was super excited to find out it was coming back with a Christmas special. It contains three interconnecting stories revolving around Matt (Jon Hamm), Greta (Oona Chaplin), and Joe (Rafe Spall), with Matt and Joe’s conversation during Christmas dinner at a strange, snowy outpost serving as the framing device.




I will not reveal too much about the actual plot or the sci-fi concepts used in the episode. Suffice to say, it continues in the vein of previous episodes, which takes an existing technology or concept (Google Glass, blocking on social media, mind uploading) and push it further, so when you watch it, you can recognize it right away, but you also realize how terribly wrong it could go, and that’s what makes Black Mirror so brilliant.




I have a few quibbles about the casting of Jon Hamm – I think he’s too recognizable (you look at him and all you can see is Don Draper), though I do admit, he is perfect in bringing that half-charming, half-smarmy quality that the character needs. The section with Oona Chaplin is a bit lacking, but it does tie in nicely with Rafe Spall’s story, which is heartbreaking and creepy and horrible (in a good way) all that the same time. The final twist I could see a mile off, but it doesn’t matter because the ending is so terrifying.




The first two seasons are on Netflix and I’m sure this will be too. If you want to feel absolutely wretched before the holiday, check it out! Merry Christmas indeed.



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