SIA: Tilted Spheres

We have a small but lovely group today, so let’s get to it! Once again, the inspiration is “Titled Spheres” by Richard Serra:

First up, we have Stephanie, who chose to echo the lines of the sculpture in all the subtle cross-hatch pattern on her shoes and cardigan. Great attention to details!


Next up is our co-host Jen, who unfortunately couldn’t get a picture of herself wearing the outfit, so she sent in a collage instead. I wish we had a picture – I mean, how awesome is that Voltron shirt?

My co-creator Jess had photo trouble too – none of her full length shots was in focus! Bummer. But at least we have this close-up to see all the sweet details on her dress and cardigan:


And finally, here’s me:

gray leather-trimmed tee black skirt black heels by 14 shades of grey

And that’s it for this week. Thanks everybody for participating, and check back next week for a new piece of inspiration!

P/S: There are a lot of technical issues with this SIA challenge, it seems. Kezzie sent me her submission but her email got lost somewhere along the way. Sorry Kezzie! Anyway, here is her amazing interpretation – Richard Serra by way of Doctor Who, which of course, I totally approve of:


6 Comments on “SIA: Tilted Spheres”

  1. Kerenza Allin-Garner says:

    Hi Salazar! I sent you a picture!! What happened to it?!?!!x

    • Salazar says:

      Sorry Kezzie, but I didn’t get your email! I always email people back once I receive their submission to let them know that I’ve got it, so if I don’t reply, email me again just in case. I’ll add you to the round-up now πŸ™‚

      • Kezzieq says:

        Thanks!!! Ah well, it’s somewhere in the ether!! I like these interpreations! Salazar, your black square pocket really is the key to that one- I don’t know why but it seems the coolest element!

  2. Jess says:

    What is with the photo issues this week?! For shame, self. For shame. But at least everyone has a cute outfit!

  3. Ha! I had my own technical difficulties this week and wasn’t able to get my photo to you. But, I still wrote a post and it’s going live tomorrow πŸ™‚

  4. […] had every intention of participating in this week’s Style Imitating Art challenge but man, sometimes life just gets in the way. For example, I had visions of wearing my […]

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