SIA: Blackboard

Everybody brings out their best back-to-school/fall looks for this week’s SIA, inspired by Winslow Homer’s “Blackboard”, so let’s get to it!

First up, we have our co-host Jen, who took some time out of her vacation to put together this awesome casual outfit – and the photo is taken in a classroom too!


Next is Erin, in a sharp, neutral look:

Here is Kezzie, looking super adorable – love that dress!


Isabella accessorized with a headband, just like in the painting, and a notebook to stay true to the classroom theme:

Finally, here’s me with my other look – of course I had to take the picture in the classroom too (it took some time for me to furtively set up the camera after my students left – it’d be so awkward if they caught me!)

green gingham shirt black cropped pants black flats by 14 shades of grey

 And that concludes another successful week of SIA! Thank you ladies, and check with Jen next week for a new inspiration!


2 Comments on “SIA: Blackboard”

  1. kezzie says:

    Cool selection here from casual to dressy! Jen those shorts are super, great length. Erin, you always look so chic! X

  2. […] packed an outfit that went with Salazar‘s SIA pick last week, which you can also see on her SIA round-up post here. I’ve reposted the photo below. The background is the bulletin board and periodical shelves […]

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