Casual Ruffles

green gingham shirt ruffle dress black flats by 14 shades of grey

I was so inspired by this week’s SIA inspiration, “Blackboard” by Winslow Homer (such a New England name, isn’t it?) that I actually put together two outfits for it. One I wore to work on Friday, which I’ll post that one along with the round-up tomorrow. This one is closer in shapes and colors to the original painting, but it’s a bit casual so I just wore it around the house on Saturday. I added the initial necklace to keep with the classroom theme. Of course, I had to be a total bonehead about it and put the necklace on backwards the entire time. If I wanted to be really literal about it, though, I would’ve worn this necklace or this one, to echo the geometric shapes on the board 🙂

By the way, this outfit is almost an exact replica of this, except with a different shirt. I find that it’s the only way I could wear this dress, it has way too many ruffles for me.

green gingham shirt ruffle dress black flats by 14 shades of grey

green gingham shirt ruffle dress by 14 shades of greyruffle dress black flats by 14 shades of grey

green gingham shirt initial necklace by 14 shades of greygreen gingham shirt ruffle dress by 14 shades of grey

Dress: H&M (hand-me-down), Shirt: Gap (thrifted), Flats: Vagabond, Necklace: gift

4 Comments on “Casual Ruffles”

  1. Mike says:

    Great post Salazar! Really love the juxtaposition between your outfit and the painting. “Blackboard” has a very sepia tone to it, giving the painting a very “warm” look while at the same time, allows it to maintain its 19th century look. The chalkboard adds to this too, giving it an “old school” classroom look, which is not seen too much in today’s modern classrooms.

  2. Kezzieq says:

    Oh this is so clever Salazar!!! I love what you’ve done with it! The ruffles are beautiful and even more so when teamed with the simple shirt! I just braved the rain to take my SIA outfit photo so will send you as soon as I can! x

  3. isabellabatts says:

    Wow, this is the perfect modern interpretation of the outfit in the painting! The shapes are really flattering on you, and the fabrics go together in such an unexpected way. I look forward to seeing look #2 🙂


  4. Laura says:

    That’s a great idea to cover up the ruffles. It makes it much more casual for everyday wear. Thanks for linking up to Confident Twosday!

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