Da Lat, part III: The Houses

Da Lat may be the City of a Thousand Pines and the City of Flowers and the City of Eternal Spring, but what I love most about it is the architecture, which is why I saved it for last. You see, it used to be a resort town back in the French colony period, and the wars didn’t touch much of it, so it is full of French-style villas. Our hotel, for example, used to be the summer house of the Governor General of Indochina back in the day. Even the more currently built houses followed the same style, so the whole town looks like something in the south of France or Switzerland.

da lat houseOur hotel

da lat houseda lat house

da lat house

da lat house

da lat crazy houseda lat crazy house

da lat crazy houseThis is the “Crazy House”, a house built like a growing tree trunk. Total tourist trap though

da lat house

da lat house

da lat house

da lat houseMy dream house. If I ever won the lottery, I think I’d know what to do with the money now…

2 Comments on “Da Lat, part III: The Houses”

  1. Meghan says:

    It’s so interesting to see classically designed architecture in such dense forests!

  2. […] Ma Thuot, the biggest city of Vietnam’s Central Highlands. It’s in the same region as Da Lat, but it’s less of a touristy place, which was why we chose it as more of a getaway […]

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