denim dress mustard cardigan brown riding boots by 14 shades of grey

If this outfit looks familiar, it’s because I’ve worn this silhouette and color combination over and over, and when something works, you don’t mess with it, right? Except… only after I looked at these pictures again that I realized the proportions are kinda off, the dress is a tad too long, so when combined with the boots it makes my legs look stumpy. Well, that goes to show you can’t always trust a mirror.

denim dress mustard cardigan by 14 shades of greydenim dress polka dot tights brown riding boots by 14 shades of grey

Anyway, I’m running out of interesting things to say, so when I saw these questions on Jen’s blog, I decided it may be fun to list off some random facts. Here we go:

Who’s your favorite Muppets character and why? I didn’t grow up with the Muppets so I really don’t have a favorite, but if I have to choose, I guess Oscar the Grouch.

What’s your favorite era of clothing?  Regency (Jane Austen’s era), Edwardian, 1930’s, 1950’s. I like certain 18th century and 1880’s gowns too, but most of the time the clothes of those two eras are over-embellished for me.

Do you enjoy thrifting? Why or why not? Considering most of my clothes were thrifted, I think the answer is “yes”. You find cool, unique (and sometimes quite on trend, if you know what to look for) stuff, and it’s cheap. What’s not to like?

Who was your first childhood pet? A dog named To (pronounced with a “oh” sound, it’s a common dog’s name in Vietnam). She looked kinda like a yellow Lab, except with a mane. There were other dogs before her when I was a baby, but she was the first that I remembered.

What’s your middle name(s) and what does it (or they) mean? My middle name’s Minh. It means bright or brilliant in Sino-Vietnamese.

So there you go. Some random facts about me, which, if you’ve been reading the blog for a long time, you might have know already 😛

denim dress mustard cardigan brown riding boots by 14 shades of greydenim dress mustard cardigan by 14 shades of grey

Dress: Anne Klein (thrifted), Cardigan: Target (thrifted), Tights: Target, Boots: Aldo


3 Comments on “Oldie”

  1. Thanks, Salazar, for following up on the questions — I found your answers interesting! And I can totally see your favorite eras reflected in your style, with the simplicity and focus on softness and shape.

    And love that twirling pic! 🙂

  2. Isabella says:

    Cute outfit! The color combo reminds me of Madeline 🙂 Would you consider swapping out the boots for Mary Janes, or would that be too much?

    I like this collection of questions. The meaning of your middle name is so beautiful!

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