SIA Inspiration: Cecilia Beaux

Inspired by the autumnal tones of Jess’ pick from last week, I decided to go for some warm colors and rich patterns in my own SIA pick (yep, I’m inspired by an inspiration for another inspiration. That’s like Incepspiration right there):

This is “After the Meeting” by Cecilia Beaux, an American portraitist and Impressionist who was often compared to John Singer Sargent. I was drawn to the painting not just for it visuals, but because the woman at the center looks so cool. Maybe I was still influenced by Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, but in my mind she looks just like a Victorian Phryne Fisher.

Anyway, the deadline is next Monday, October 21st. I’m excited!

3 Comments on “SIA Inspiration: Cecilia Beaux”

  1. Love this. The mix of print and color is perfection.

  2. GAH I have a vintage dress that would be PERFECT for this. Only problem? Didn’t even fit me when I wasn’t pregnant. Sure as heck won’t fit me now! Haha. Darn. But maybe I can figure out something else, because I love this one!

  3. […] “After the Meeting” – chosen by Salazar for this week’s Style Imitating Art challenge […]

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