“Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”, Season 1


I’m waiting for Boardwalk Empire to come back (the premiere on HBO Asia is usually a month after the US premiere – gives them time to do subtitles), so in the meantime, I checked out another show set in the 1920’s – “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”. Based on a series of books, it revolves around Phryne Fisher, a lady detective in late 1920’s Melbourne. The pilot feels a little flat to me – despite the glamorous setting, it all feels a little too familiar, too reminiscent of other lady detectives like Miss Marple and Nancy Drew. But I keep watching anyway, and grew to like it. Most of the TV shows I watch now are serialized, and I’m happy to get back to an episodic show with just a simple seasonal arc that you can jump in at any moment. It’s light, and the characters are fun – the chemistry between Phryne and Inspector Robinson, her reluctant collaborator in many cases, is great, while Constable Collins (Inspector Robinson’s right-hand man) and Dot (Phryne’s right-hand woman) are so sweet together they give me a toothache every time they come on screen. Plus, the costumes are gorgeous (I want all of Phryne’s hats. I don’t care that I can’t wear them anywhere. I just want them.)

missfisher-00045 missfisher-00065 missfisher-00062 missfisher-00060 missfisher-00053missfisher-00052missfisher-00049missfisher-00042

The second season just started earlier this month, and I’m crossing my fingers that it gets more than 2 seasons, because none of the shows I reviewed has – I’m still holding out hope forBlack Mirror, but there’s no news so far.

missfisher-00039 missfisher-00038 missfisher-00031 missfisher-00028 missfisher-00027 missfisher-00023 missfisher-00021 missfisher-00016

2 Comments on ““Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”, Season 1”

  1. teddi says:

    i just started watching that show last weekend. oh my goodness, her outfits are exquisite! i just want to see what different things she wears.

  2. Lisa M from Down Under says:

    Hello. You’ll be please to hear that Season 3 just started airing here iin Australia. I too love this period murder mystery series. I missed the first instalment of this season but I’m sure I’ll get them on DVD later so I’ll catch up then. So far, so good – more glamorous style to drool over.

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