Wedding Season

wedding - with the bride

Once the weather starts cooling down, wedding season in Vietnam begins. Actually people get married year-round now, except for the seventh lunar month (because of the heavy rain and its association with a myth about two literally star-crossed lovers), but you definitely see more weddings from October to February. On Tuesday I just went to a wedding of one of my high school friends – my first, actually, because most of my high school friends were already married by the time I got home. Wedding in Vietnam is usually boring for the guests because we’re only there for the meal and a quick toast with the bride and groom, but this one is actually fun, mostly because I got to see my old friends.


I would’ve gladly worn one of my dresses, but my sister insisted that I rescued this closet orphan for her, so I obliged. It’s funny how our outfits kind of match the flower arrangement.

weddingwedding flower

3 Comments on “Wedding Season”

  1. That dress is really pretty!
    My wedding was a lot less exciting for guests, too; we essentially just had dessert, a receiving line, and no toasts, where most people do dancing, meals, hors d’ouvres, and the whole shebang. But I think short weddings are nice.

    • Salazar says:

      Well, the problem with weddings in Vietnam is not that they’re too long or too short. It’s that it’s not treated as a celebration, as it should be. So it’s a stressful affair for the bride and groom and the families, and a boring obligation for the guests.

  2. My brother had his engagement party in Hanoi in November and it was kind of like a wedding (in a way, it was a wedding because they’ll be getting married in the States). I’ve only been to one wedding in Viet Nam so far, and I thought it was so different from the Vietnamese American weddings here. When my parents got back to the states after the engagement party, they said, “People wore jeans to the engagement party!” They did this at the wedding I had gone to in VN, too, so I wasn’t surprised. I also just wanted to comment about the little girl in the first picture with the sideways peace sign. Adorable and gangster! ;D Love your closet orphan mint dress, too.

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