striped shirt pleated midi basket weave sandals by 14 shades of grey

I had the longest, weirdest bout of déjà vu today. I read two scripts, and felt like I’ve read both of them before, but a look at my archives shows nothing with those titles. So maybe I did read them before and the writers changed the titles in the rewrite. Or maybe I’ve read so many scripts that I’ve gotten to a point where they all seem familiar. Or maybe the Matrix just rebooted.

Even this outfit seems familiar too, until I realized I did wear something similar a while ago, except more casual – striped shirt (both from Forever21!), pleated midi (both thrifted!), and sandals. Maybe the Matrix did just get rebooted after all.

striped shirt pleated midi by 14 shades of greystriped shirt pleated midi basket weave sandals by 14 shades of greypleated midi basket weave sandals by 14 shades of greystriped shirt apple brooch by 14 shades of grey

Shirt: Forever21, Skirt & Sandals: thrifted, Brooch: vintage

7 Comments on “Reboot”

  1. I LOVE this outfit! And I have a maxi skirt that I need to hem to this length, because it looks so much better at the knee!
    Hah, wouldn’t it be so weird if the Matrix was real? Man… that would be crazy. Imagine waking up from your life to something so bizarre!
    I need to watch that movie again. It’s so good.

  2. Oh what an adorable outfit! I love the length of your skirt and your apple pin is so cute 🙂 I think this outfit really flatters your figure. You look lovely 🙂 I recently just started following your blog so I was just curious.. .are you also an actress? I know you graduated from film school, but when you mention reading scripts, I thought maybe you’re also acting as well. That is really neat!


    • Salazar says:

      Thank you Christy! And no, I’m not an actress, I prefer working behind the camera. I studied screenwriting and now work as a script analyst, hence the reading overload 😛

  3. Aya says:

    Haha, I see in my comments to your previous outfit that I liked it, and I really like this one, too. The proportions and colors all feel very on. And your brooch is so beautiful. I keep seeing lovely vintage pins on style blogs and have to figure out where to shop for one.

    • Salazar says:

      Thanks Aya. And try Etsy – you can find a lot of lovely, affordable brooches on there. The flea market is great too, and it’s always a fun place to just hang out.

  4. Vivienne says:

    Your pin is so sweet! And I just love a pleated skirt!

  5. I deeply love your skirt, I’ve been wanting one that length and style. Looks great with the striped top!

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