Weekend Round-Up #86

Two weekend round-ups in a row? I clearly had too much free time on my hands this past week.


This is The Last Bookstore in downtown LA and I’m crying because I lived there for 7 years, why did I only find out about it now when I can’t go?!

These illustrations of female superheroes dressed as hipsters are amazing (that’s Harley Quinn and Catwoman)

One more illustration: Game of Thrones characters, Simpsonized

Bless those crazy Brits: they put a giant, inflatable Mr. Darcy into the lake in Hyde Park because that scene is voted the most memorable TV moment

This island in Fukuoka, Japan is a cat heaven… quite literally!


– As an introvert, I feel compelled to hand this out to every extrovert I’ve ever met.

– While we’re on the subject of introverts, here’s a great article from Cracked: 4 things movies always get wrong about awkward people. Amen to #1.

– Also from Cracked: 5 mysterious crimes that caused endless questions. If somebody decided to make any of these into a movie, I would totally watch it.

– Is Cumberbatching the next big meme? You decide.

– Finally, this amazing video shows what it’s like to travel around the world in 1 minute. It sets off my wanderlust big time (via Gizmodo):

One Comment on “Weekend Round-Up #86”

  1. Places I want to go now: Cat Heaven. SQUEEEE! Awww.

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