Weekend Round-Up #85

I almost didn’t do a round-up this week, but I’ve gathered a bunch of links and stuff that may become outdated if I save them, so here we go…


A couple of things I’m drooling over: embroidered espadrilles and white lace top.

Also drool-worthy: amazing needlefelted brooches by Lisa Jordan

Star Wars reimagined as 80’s high school movie… awesome!

This is actually a single photo, not four separate ones. Mind blown yet? Here’s video of how it was created. Witchcraft!


– A very interesting post about why celebrities always look so amazing and us laywomen don’t. One word: tailor.

– From Cracked: 5 ridiculous modern fashion with badass origins.

– Also something fashion-related: sci-fi fashions that are now reality, from Buzzfed.

– First Harry Potter theme park, now it’s getting a Cabin in the Woods maze? Universal Orlando has all the fun.

– I love a nerdy themed wedding, but seriously, why would anyone have a Game of Thrones-themed wedding? That makes as much sense as… say, a Walking Dead-themed wedding. (via Flavorwire)

– Finally, I’ve just discovered a Polyvore called Favorite Fictional Fashions that puts together outfits inspired by all of my favorite shows and books (GoT, Harry Potter, Sherlock, etc.) Halloween inspirations, here I come!

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