Weekend Round-Up #84


This 1940’s-inspired collection by Bulgarian brand KNAPP is amazing.

Such a cool idea for kids’ portrait

These “Dr. Who meets fairy tales” prints are awesome. (via Flavorwire)

These patterned paint rollers are a great alternative to wallpaper. (via Miss Moss)

I want this dress

I also want this Avengers cake.


– College Fashion has some pretty good tips on how to recreate an outfit you like.

– This is a bit old, but it’s a useful guide from Refinery29 on the best sundress for your body shape.

– From Cracked: 5 ways guys ruin their first impression with women. Seriously, I think John Cheese should be required reading for all college-aged people. He has such good advice.

– Classical sculptures dressed up as hipsters? I approve.

– Finally, what happens when someone’s dad tries to name all the Game of Thrones characters (my favorite is “Dude. Henry. I don’t know”) I love how Jon Snow is basically the only name everybody got right.

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