Weekend Round-Up #83

Some things are leftover from last week because I got too busy to put together a post, but they’re cool so I’m posting them now anyway.


When I get my own kitchen, you’d bet this magnetic periodic table of herbs and spices will be in it!

Two very different but equally cool outfits: from Hel-looks and Vanessa Jackman.

I’m too much of a wuss to do this, but it’s such a cool idea for a tattoo – every new country you go to, get it colored in.

Love these late 80’s/early 90’s Game of Thrones character posters

These plush insects are not your typical stuffed animals, but they’re awesome

Completely in awe of these medieval Batman and Aquaman (probably the first time I think Aquaman is cool)

lotr salt & pepper shaker
This salt & pepper shaker set is both fun and messed up. Where will the salt come out of?!

Cats’ selfies are the best.


– Cool article about the rise of hijab fashion bloggers. I think it’s great how diverse fashion blogging can be now.

– Beautiful DIY jewelries made from pistachio shells! Who would’ve thought, right?

– Weird, but cool: famous lookalikes of historical figures. Well, I guess we know who to cast for those biopics now…

– This is hilarious: the Font Conference (via College Humor.)

– One more hilarious video, from Cracked: If Disney songs were historically accurate.

2 Comments on “Weekend Round-Up #83”

  1. janeggg says:

    ooo that cat selfie! tattoo i love, you could do it on the wall, it would be less painful! x

  2. teddi says:

    i follow hel looks too! i find the outfits on that blog inspiring and creative. 🙂

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