Weekend Round-Up #82

This week has been a blur. A blur of scorching sun and sweat-soaked shirts, with that one heart-stopping moment when the electricity went out on Thursday (it was the hottest day, the temperature was well over 100). I don’t remember it being this hot, not just last year, but ever. Looks like my plan to go watch Star Trek will have to wait until next weekend when it’s cooled down.


Maybe because I’m fresh off of Bomb Girls, but I love the 1940’s fashion in these Nina Leen photos

These Edwardian photos are amazing too

Did I ever feature bettersupes.tumblr.com? I can’t remember, but anyway, one more time wouldn’t hurt: it’s an art project consists of drawings of little girls in superhero costumes. What’s not to like?

I want this outfit.

These drawings of fantastical creatures by Italian artist Stefania Puntaroli are… well, fantastic

Speaking of art, these Slaughterhouse Starlets prints are fun in a twisted pin-up kind of way

This dog. It’s so cute I skjdhfjsehufhisdfb


– I think this comic is the best reaction/commentary on the whole Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy thing.

– A bit old, but interesting enough (for me) to share: Mad Men characters and their comic book counterparts.

– This is super cool: 5 easy fixes to complex problems you won’t believe worked. The mirror one is genius.

– Read this “Murder or Suicide?” article and prepare to have your mind blown. I’m surprised CSI hasn’t done it yet.

– Summer vacation is not far off, and Refinery29 has some good tips on how to pack for a carry-on vacation.

8 signs you’re a cat. I got 7 out of 8 (all except for the “changing your mind” one, I’m notoriously stubborn about changing my mind.) Yup, it’s official, I am 87.5% cat.

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