Weekend Round-Up #81


Would you carry a clip bag? Looks kind of fun.

Beautiful planetary jewelry by BeautySpot

These signature necklaces are amazing too.

Gorgeous sculpture created out of broken/damaged objects and honeycombs by Aganetha Dyck

Speaking of gorgeous sculpture, how about these Cthulhu chandeliers by Adam Wallcavage? (OK, I know they’re just octopus, but wouldn’t it be much more badass to have a pink Cthulhu chandelier?)

These one-of-a-kind bindings for classic books are incredible (this one is Dracula) (via Flavorwire)

This makes me snort tea up my nose.

Instead of my usual cute [insert animal here] photo, how about one of the Lannister siblings acting goofy? If only we could get Lord Tywin in there too!


– Cool jewelry DIY from old t-shirts.

– I laughed at this for like 15 minutes: creepiest things kids said to parents.

– The Internet gets blamed for a lot of things, but here are 4 positive trends that it doesn’t get enough credit for, from Cracked.

– This is a bit old, but you guys have all read about the insane Delta Gamma sorority letter, right? Well it gets better: here it is, read by the incomparable Michael Shannon.

– What would it be like if Parks & Rec swapped show runners with Game of Thrones?

– One more Game of Thrones thingy: opening sequence in the style of Friends. Cute.

This ends up with way more Game of Thrones stuff than I intended… but it’s not as if my obsession with the show is a secret or anything 🙂

2 Comments on “Weekend Round-Up #81”

  1. teddi says:

    no i would not wear that clip bag. yes the signature necklaces are amazing, and i completely agree about the chandelier, very cool indeed!

  2. guitargrl325 says:

    There’s a payless shoe store walkable from one of my offices and the manager I kid you not, looks EXACTLY like Tyrion. LIke exactly. He’s a bit taller, but still really short(maybe 5′ tall or a little less). I went back to the office and I was all excited to ask who watches game of thrones so we could talk about it and they could go see him, but nobody did. 😦

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