Weekend Round-Up #75

Some of these are a bit old because they were leftover from last week, but well… who cares. Here are some cool things I found on the Internet:


Lovely outfits from The Sea of Fertility and Ruby Slipper Journeys

It may not be my favorite book out of the series but these beautiful Catching Fire character posters sure make me look forward to the movie

Beautiful Edwardian autochrome photos

These ice caves in Far East Russia are insane!

I don’t tweet, but now I can keep up with Twitter thanks to the awesomeness that is Twitter: The Comic

Something different for Adorableness of the Week : fairy-tale inspired shoes by Charlotte Olympia (via Tom & Lorenzo)


– Is this nerd’s wedding season or something? First Flavorwire listed 15 pop culture-themed rings and boxes, then Cracked also came out with 6 impressive nerdy proposals (I’d take the Doctor Who one in both cases, please.)

– Also from Cracked: 5 creepiest foreign versions of Disney fairy tales. Well, they forgot to include the Vietnamese Cinderella version where Cinderella cooks her stepsister and feeds it to her stepmother…

– Two super cool tutorials: DIY cat-toe shoes (as in cap-toe, but with a cat!) and how to refashion an oversize polo into a cute fitted top.


One Comment on “Weekend Round-Up #75”

  1. Megan says:

    Love that Catching Fire poster! It was my least favorite book in the series, but I still cannot wait for the movie 🙂

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