Weekend Round-Up #72

I’ve got the sniffles. It’s just my nose though, which means that my miracle cure is useless against it, and I’m just keeping it at bay with tons of vitamin C and warm tea. So you’ll forgive me if this round-up is a little fragmented.


A couple of favorite outfits this week – super casual, and super dressed-up

This belongs more with the “links”, but I want to share the photo: Mad Men is coming back in April, and looks like the seventies are not so far away… love it!

Also coming back in late March: Game of Thrones. I’m extra excited for this season, because Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol is going to have a cameo (the show is shot in Northern Ireland, and Snow Patrol is a NI band)

This is a cheese pencil. Must… get… one…

Petting chart for cats (there’s also one for dogs, which is exactly what you expect)

outfits&landscapesI love a good visual comparison, and this Outfits & Landscapes series is simply amazing

Adorableness of the Week: Shetland ponies in Fair Isle sweaters!


– If you’re like me, then Etsy is the place to find rare vintage and handcrafted things. But thanks to Cracked, I now know there’s a dark, disturbing, serial-killer side to Etsy as well.

– Also from Cracked, here are 8 vintage ads ripped directly from your nightmare. Not every ad man back then was Don Draper, apparently.

– Kendra of Closet Confections has a super helpful guide on how to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe.

Outfits inspired by Firefly, courtesy of College Fashion. I approve.


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