Weekend Round-Up #68

Well, hooray for surviving nothing. Let’s move on, shall we?


- I’m going to send this out as my Christmas card next year:

- This is the nerdiest Christmas tree ever. I love it (see how many symbols you can recognize):

- These sweaters by Cardigan look so cozy (hurry up, Miss Moss is having a giveaway for them until Monday!)

- This outfit (and photo, by Vanessa Jackman):

- Insane high speed photos of liquid splash:

- A cool tumblr that visits movie/TV locations and blends reality with fiction:

- An obligatory dose of cuteness (and holiday spirits):


- Want to have a drink in a real Hobbit pub? Well, now you can!

- College Fashion has a guide to combine red and green without looking like a giant Christmas decoration.

- This is for all you Wes Anderson fans out there: which Wes Anderson character are you? (I’m Max Fischer from Rushmore, which sounds about right.)

- Is NASA influenced by Buzz Lightyear when they designed their new spacesuit? See for yourself.

- Speaking of Toy Story, check out this awesome Star Trek: Into Darkness and Toy Story mash-up.

And finally, I’m just going to leave you guys with this:

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