The Best Home Remedy For Sore Throat


We’ve all heard of lemon and honey as a home remedy for sore throat. As somebody with chronic sore throat, I’ve tried it before, but it’s never worked for me (I’m not sure if “chronic sore throat” is a thing or not, but for me it means that every year, as soon as the first cold snap hits, I’ll get a sore throat no matter now carefully I bundle up.) But this year, when I tried my sister’s lemon and honey, it works wonder. So what does she do differently?

The answer is time. You don’t just put lemon and honey together, you let the lemon steep in honey as long as possible. Here’s the recipe (actually it’s too simple to be called a recipe):

What you need:
– Lemons (or limes. Actually any citrus will work.) As many as you want.
– Enough honey to steep the lemons in.
– A clean jar

Instruction:– Clean and dry the lemons well. Cut into thin slices.

– Put the lemon slices into the jar, feel free to pack them in. Pour in enough honey to cover the lemons. Make sure to keep them completely submerged in honey.

– Close the jar tightly. Store in a dry place for at least a week before use. It’s better the longer you let it sit.

honeyed limes

Since November my throat has been scratchy plenty of times, but three spoonfuls of this lemony honey a day (plus chewing on the lemon slices, which helps a lot too) clear it right up. It’s really amazing.

2 Comments on “The Best Home Remedy For Sore Throat”

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