“I hope the roof flies off and I get sucked up into space”


So I finally got around to watching “Moonrise Kingdom” (I almost stayed in the US until late May to watch it in the theater, but in the end the cheaper plane ticket in early May was the right choice.) It’s now in my list of favorite Wes Anderson movies, after The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore. The story, which is about two 12-year-olds who are in love and decide to run away together, is typical of Wes Anderson – fable-like, bittersweet, nostalgic, peopled by eccentric and sometimes downright dysfunctional characters full of quirks and charms. It’s also more hopeful than some of his other movies, because it deals with kids and first love, and the sad adults (like Bill Murray’s character, whose line I quoted in the post title) are only there to provide the background.






During the first few scenes I feel the two kids playing the leads are a little too theatrical, but as the movie goes on I realize their performances perfectly convey their misunderstood sensitivity, what the grown-ups describe as “troubled” or “emotionally disturbed.” The adult characters are good as well – I particularly enjoyed Jason Schwartzman’s cameo as Cousin Ben.






I like the story, but it’s the visual that I truly fell in love with. The movie is absolutely beautiful in terms of visual, with all the trademarks of Wes Anderson – the symmetrical frames (I cannot tell you how happy it makes my OCD to see them so perfectly balanced), the insane attention to details, the slow-motion shot. It’s set in 1965 but frankly it could be any era, so complete is the world that Wes Anderson built for his story that it seems to exist in its own time and space. Some may dislike the movie’s rather artificial look, but I think it adds to the storybook feel of it.



I have a quite similar brooch



And because it’s been a while since a movie inspired me so much visually, I decided to make a fan video for it. It’s not very spoiler-ish though, so feel free to enjoy even if you haven’t seen the movie!

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