Yellow Shoes

This has nothing to do with the outfit, but are any of you guys a Taylor Swift fan? I recently found out that on her latest album she has a duet with the lead singer of Snow Patrol (you’re probably sick of me talking about them too, but I’m sorry, I’ve been on a Snow Patrol high after going to their concert six months ago – man, has it really been six months? – and haven’t been able to come down since.) I quite like the song, but now there are all these Snow Patrol fans who got pissed because people are only going to know about Gary Lightbody as “the guy who did that song with Taylor Swift” or “the guy who wrote a song with that one kid from One Direction” (he just did that too.) If this was a couple of years ago, it would’ve bothered me as well, but now I have no problem with it. I wasn’t annoyed by those screaming fan girls at the Snow Patrol concert who were only there to watch Ed Sheeran, I just hoped enough of them had stayed to watch the show all the way through. I’m not even annoyed by people who only know Snow Patrol from Chasing Cars, though I would recommend they check out their other stuff too. And now amongst those Taylor Swift and One Direction fans, there will be at least a few who are intrigued enough to check out Snow Patrol and maybe become fans themselves.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I understand having a favorite band as your “secret” and wanting them to remain that way (do you ever feel like that?) but as long as they don’t sell out and change their direction completely, I do want them to get more exposure.

Oh and, a word about the outfit: it seems I’ve been wearing yellow a lot lately. I used to really hate it, but now I’ve come to appreciate if not like it – depending on the shade, it goes with almost everything and can always brighten up an outfit.

Shirt & Cardigan: thrifted, Jeans: Target, Flats: eBay, Necklace: self-made

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