Weekend Round-Up #64


First, some of the best Halloween costumes I’ve seen around the web (for more go here. There are also part 2 and 3.)

– This dude:

– A guy who dressed up as 50 shades of grey. Literally:

– Katy Perry and Shannon Woodward (of Raising Hope) as Jane and Daria:

– That’s… that’s not the real Kit Harrington, is he?

– Adorable Calvin and Hobbes:

– Speaking of adorable, how about this Bob Ross crochet doll?

– A few fall collections I’m drooling over – Thom Dolan (via Honestly WFT) and Syrup, a Japanese mail order clothing line (via Miss Moss):

– I didn’t find a lot of links this week, so just this one for some post-Halloween scare: photos from the past that prove history was haunted.

– Finally, this is the best tumblr ever: Cats That Look Like Pin-up Girls (warning: some may be NSFW)

BLOG: Artfully Awear by Ariel. This is not your typical “outfit of the day” blog – Ariel puts together outfits inspired by works of art; basically, it’s our Style Imitating Art challenge made into an entire blog, and she does it better than I could ever hope to do. I really want to ask her to join Style Imitating Art, but I’m rather shy about it… maybe my co-hosts could?

BOOK: “Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure” by, well, Dave Gorman. A Googlewhack is a combination of two words, as recognized by dictionary.com, which, when put into Google, only yields a single webpage as the search result (that isn’t a word list of any kind.) At best it’s a great distraction/procrastination tool, at worst it could put you on a crazy journey around the world like it did to Dave Gorman. I wouldn’t explain it any further, you’d have to read it yourseld to find out. It’s a quick, fun, and funny read, and it may be the first non-fiction book I’ve read that I think would make a great movie, sort of like The Hangover meets Eat, Pray, Love (I hate to use it as a reference, but it’s the only movie that comes to mind.) Oh and after reading it, I decided to find a Googlewhack myself, and I did it on the first try! (it’s Riggwelter Stomatopods, in case you’re wondering.)

SONG: “A Pound of Flesh” (Radical Face). I don’t know if the fact that Ben Cooper, the musician behind Radical Face, is from Florida has anything to do with this or not, but every time I listen to his music I always picture it as a soundtrack to some story set in the South, like something Carson McCullers would have written. Which is weird, because I don’t even read Carson McCullers. I only watched The Heart is a Lonely Hunter once and thought it was depressing as sh*t.


2 Comments on “Weekend Round-Up #64”

  1. That Calvin and Hobbes idea is brilliant! Thanks for sharing!

  2. teddi says:

    the jane & daria, grey paint swatch guy, cute calvin & h! my fave is the arrfully awear blog. i went far back as last spring checking out her outfits based on artwork. beyond awesome. 🙂

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