Virtual Halloween

In Vietnam, we don’t really celebrate Halloween (between the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Day of the Death, we have plenty of similar holidays.) That being said, I do like playing dressed up, so this year I put on not one, but two costumes, even though I don’t have any party to go to. If that makes me pathetic, so be it. And because Debbi and I tend to inadvertently make people think we’re a couple (we’re not, really), we decided to coordinate – as Sherlock and John from Sherlock, and as Moss and Roy from The IT Crowd. Both duos have been mistaken for a couple multiple times, so we thought them appropriate.

As Moss, I chose a plaid shirt, a cardigan (Moss usually wears a short-sleeved shirt, but I don’t have any short-sleeved button-up, and he does wear a cardigan in a few episodes), my mom’s pants (mine are either too long or too skinny), my dad’s tie, and my nerd glass – I admit, the idea of dressing up as Moss came to me as soon as I got them. My hair can’t be teased into Moss’ magnificent fro, so I did what Moss would’ve done if he had hair like me – part it sideways and tie it back. In the end I look more like a standard nerd than Moss, but then again Moss is a standard nerd, so mission accomplished. Debbi’s costume is easier – an ironic T-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and “tousled brown hair.”

I would make a much better Richmond though…

For Sherlock, I went a less literal route – I wore something a female Sherlock would (Debbi and I have often discussed the idea of writing a gender-swapped Sherlock Holmes, not just with one character like Elementary but with the whole cast), which means a dark button-up, black blazer & pencil skirt, boots, a long coat, and my mom’s blue scarf. And my deerstalker, of course. It was boiling with all those clothes on in 85-degree weather, but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make. For the sake of Halloween. As for Debbi, she chose to go with John’s plaid shirt, a military-looking jacket, jeans, and the perfect props (have you ever noticed that Martin Freeman always plays a guy who only wants a cup of tea?)

So that’s my Halloween. I hope that you guys and/or your loved ones manage to stay safe and not let the storm dampen your Halloween spirits!

8 Comments on “Virtual Halloween”

  1. Kristina says:

    Oh my goodness, I LOVE THEM! I love that you were Moss and Roy (the IT Crowd is so great!) and also that you were Sherlock and John. You are my favorite costumes so far. 😀 Love.

  2. Cool costumes! I watched the first episode of Sherlock, and it was pretty good. I have so many more shows to get caught up on, but I may have to come back to it. I’ve never seen the IT Crowd, which is silly since I worked in the technology field for 5 years and my husband still does. I’m sure I’d love it.

    • Salazar says:

      The good thing is that both Sherlock and The IT Crowd have so few episodes – 6 so far for Sherlock, and 24 for the entire series of The IT Crowd (bless the British and their “quality over quantity” way of thinking) so it shouldn’t take you too long to watch all of them.

  3. cottage1991 says:

    Love the Sherlock Costumes!!

  4. I just about died looking at that first photo! I love the joint effort. They’re spot on!

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