Weekend Round-Up #62


– I don’t miss much about LA except for my friends and a couple of small things, but man, seeing these pictures of the Endeavor space shuttle driving through LA makes me wish I could’ve been there:

– I want these coats (via Vanessa Jackman):

– Speaking of street style, I love this cute, modern cowgirl-inspired look from Urban Weeds:

– Will somebody please get me one of these IT Crowd or Sherlock prints for Christmas?

COOL LINKS: (might as well make it a separate category)

This is the best description of what a period feels like I’ve ever read.

– If you’re not pumped for Monster University, the prequel to Monster, Inc. yet (and why aren’t you?) this insanely detailed fake website for the school will change your mind.

– College Fashion has some cool ideas for outfits inspired by Bettlejuice, just in time for Halloween.

– Finally, on the subject of Halloween costumes, these comparisons of men and women costumes are not just funny, they point out an infuriating trend that really needs to be changed.

BLOG: On the Corner. It seems I’m on a street style roll this week. This Buenos Aires street style blog is a newly discovered favorite, since like my other favorite street style reads (Hel Looks and Urban Weeds), it features real, relatable people with all of their quirkiness and eccentricity. I only wish it had included a small blurb about the person featured in each post. Those are always entertaining.

BOOK: “The Ladies of Grace Adieu and Other Stories” by Susanna Clarke. This is the second book by the author of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, a collection of short stories set in the same alternate universe. It has all the similar style and themes as Jonathan Strange, albeit with more of a fairytale quality to it, and definitely easier to read. If you like this type of alternate historical stories but are thrown off  by the weird typos and the massive block of footnotes in the novel, I’d suggest you give this collection a try first, to see how you like that style of writing in smaller doses.

SONG: “Lights Out, Words Gone” by Bombay Bicycle Club. I was thinking about posting another song by Tired Pony or something by The Reindeer Section (both supergroups formed by Gary Lightbody) but I don’t want to have a Snow Patrol overload here. So another indie band it is.


One Comment on “Weekend Round-Up #62”

  1. Megan says:

    That plaid red coat is so cute! And I am loving those Beetlejuice costumes – so fun 🙂

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