Weekend Round-Up #61


– I’m enjoying fall weather right now, but this outfit makes me wish it was colder here:

– On the other end of the spectrum, this spring/summer collection by Colenimo, inspired by 1920’s tennis player Helen Wills Moody, is right up my alley (via A Thought is the Blossom):

– This cracks me up:

– Whimsical art installations from artist Rune Guneriussen (via My Modern Met):

– I want this sweater:

A few links of awesome people being awesome:

– A cabbie in NYC gives passengers candies to make their rides “sweeter.” I need to bookmark this story so that whenever I begin to lose faith in humanity, I can read it and be reminded that there are still people like that in the world.

– Did you know that Lucy Liu is also an amazing artist and painter? I didn’t, but this interview makes me like her even more.

– John Green answers the age-old question of “What to do with my life?” (video)

BLOG: Not Dressed As Lamb by Catherine. Though the description says the blog is “waving the fashion flag for non 20-somethings”, which means that I’m not its demographic at all, I can’t help but love Catherine’s fun sense of style. It’s not so much age-appropriate as it is ageless.

BOOK: “Bollocks to Alton Towers: Uncommonly British Days Out” by Robin Halstead, Jason Hazeley, Alex Morris & Joel Morris. This is a travel book about quirky off-the-beaten-track attractions in the UK, places such as the British Lawnmower Museum, Mad Jack’s Sugar Loaf (the pointiest pointless structure in England), and the likes. It’s funny, weird, and surprisingly respectful towards all those responsible for building, organizing, and running those places. I wouldn’t recommend it to first-time travelers in the UK (after all, you’d want to see the usual attractions first, wouldn’t you?) but if you want to see a different side of the country, check it out!

SONG: “Get On The Road” by Tired Pony. Tired Pony is a super-group formed by Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol and members of Belle & Sebastian, R.E.M., and a few other musicians. It started out because Gary Lightbody wanted to make a country album, but I’m glad their music ended up being more folksy than country, which means it could still fuel my Snow Patrol obsession.


2 Comments on “Weekend Round-Up #61”

  1. Wow, Salazar – thank you so much for featuring my blog! That was a lovely write up, I’m so flattered!!!

    Catherine x

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