Tam Dao

Here are some pictures from our exile in Tam Dao (the name means “Three Islets”, because there are three mountains in the area.) I called it an exile because this is a resort town mainly for people from Hanoi and surrounding cities, which means that while we were there, there was absolutely no one around except for the locals. We saw a few weekenders on Saturday and we were all like “OMG! People!” I had to tell the locals that Debbi and I were here for research (which isn’t a lie, technically) so they would stop giving us weird looks. The trouble is, we stayed at the guest house of the Institute of Biology, so they all thought we were biologists. I mean, I could pass for a botanist, but Debbi and I both sucked at biology back in high school. Thank God nobody asked any biology-related question, or it would’ve been awkward.

It was really foggy all week, and the place is filled with horror-worthy buildings like these

It’s also filled with cute doggies, lovely flowers…

… and the hairiest caterpillars I’ve ever seen

The bugs were so attracted to Debbi that she had to have dinner under a mosquito net

The market on Saturday…

… and Monday


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    Wish I could see such a beautiful place like this.

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