In Exile

After Debbi and I got back from Ha Long Bay, there’s been a bit of drama in the tale of Debbi and Duc’s adventures. We found out that it’s going to cost too much to extend Debbi’s visa, way more than it would take for her to change her plane ticket, so she decided to cut her trip short. We haven’t been able to visit down south yet, but the country is not going anywhere and I’m still going to be living here in the foreseeable future, so it’s not like this is her only chance to travel in Vietnam.

Anyway, our house is full of people right now (my parents’ friend from Germany came to visit), so Debbi and I got shipped off to Tam Dao, a resort town in the mountain, about two hours from Hanoi, where my dad’s institute has a guesthouse. We’re just doing what we’ve been doing in Hanoi, only it’s a lot nicer because the weather is lovely (I can finally wear my fall clothes!), the place is quiet, and there are awesome mountain views wherever you look. We could have crammed in some more travel before Debbi has to leave, but in the end we decided a writers’ retreat would be more relaxing.

Shirt & Tights: Target, Cardigan: Forever21
Skirt: from Sapa, Boots: Payless, Scarf: borrowed from Debbi


One Comment on “In Exile”

  1. Megan says:

    Tam Dao sounds nice and peaceful 🙂 Jealous that you can wear fall clothes now!

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