Ha Long Bay, part II

More pictures from Cat Ba, when we visited the Cannon Fort with its cannons and tunnels, got a ride around the island on motorbikes, and took a boat around the bay to Monkey Island.

It was pitch black when we went down this tunnel, so I took a photo with flash to make sure there was no monster waiting inside

A floating fishing village. Some of the villagers go for years without setting foot on land

I love that the fishing boats around the bay are all painted in really bright colors

Draw me like one of your French girls


5 Comments on “Ha Long Bay, part II”

  1. Hey, I like your photos and your story to share to us to know your places.
    I will bring all guys from here to visit your places.

  2. Megan says:

    Haha, the quote under the last photo made me chuckle! Love the bright colored boats also. I definitely would have snapped a photo with flash in that tunnel as well; looks super spooky!!

  3. Amazing pictures. That tunnel reminds me of when my fiance and I went to an old military bunker, and there was this hallway that went back behind all the rooms with NO Windows whatsoever, so he was taking pictures with the flash before we moved forward, and he turns and goes “Just wait, with the next flash there’ll be someone with an axe in front of us.” And I was like “Okay… the end… I’m leaving.”
    Suffice it to say… I was too chicken to follow him down the dark scary possibly-axe-murderer-infested hallway.

  4. Lily La says:

    Amazing photos! Love the bright colours. Looks like a brilliant trip you had.

  5. That monkey is amazing! What great photos!

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