Ha Long Bay, part I

Debbi and I had a great time in Ha Long Bay. We stayed on Cat Ba Island, the biggest island south of the bay, and again, I was so glad we chose to go in the off-season instead of during the summer, because the place was nearly deserted and everything was so much cheaper. Also, we were blessed with sunshine for three whole days! It’s funny, but we did get the perfect weather for whatever place we were going to – when we were in Sapa it was cold and rainy, which is perfect for the mountain, and when we were at the beach it was warm and sunny.

On the first day, we got to the island after a 5-hour bus and boat ride, had a quick lunch, then headed straight for the beach. I’m not much of a beach person (oh who am I kidding? I’m not a beach person at all), but when we got to the quiet little crescent of sand with its sun and wind and emerald water, even I wanted to go swimming. Of course then I remembered that I can’t swim, so I just waded a little bit and did some beach combing. Afterward we walked along the cliff that rises up from the sea back to town, enjoyed the view of the bay, and had dinner at a floating restaurant. It was a good first day.

My feet and Debbi’s feet… where they should be

CSI: Ha Long Bay

My beach-combing haul

And here’s the highlight of the day – a hilarious mistranslated menu (we didn’t go into this restaurant. We didn’t feel like eating people who are already being held prisoners by, uh, Larry the Cable Guy?)


4 Comments on “Ha Long Bay, part I”

  1. How bizarre is that menu?! Weird! I love all the shades of blue in these photos! So gorgeous! You DO realize how fortunate you are to be in such a beautiful place, right?!

    • Salazar says:

      I do! Of course I do. It’s just that I tend to be a little matter-of-fact in my writing and not wax poetic about things (I’m afraid of coming off as cheesy).

  2. Hahahaha! The menu! That’s so great!
    Ah, what a gorgeous place! The water is so amazing!

  3. Great photo essay! 🙂 Love the pics! The one with the small pieces os sea glass, coral, etc… reminded me of things I do when I go on trips. I usually try and find that one special pebble as a keepsake. 🙂

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