I think I might have been subconsciously influenced by all the fall outfits I’ve seen around the blogosphere, which is why I’ve worn the brown/yellow/black color scheme for two days in a row. There’s no other explanation, because it’s still very much like summer here in Hanoi.

Anyway, I gotta go pack for the Ha Long Bay trip. Be back on Friday!

Dress worn as shirt: H&M (thrifted), Skirt: hand-me-down from my mom
Belt: Target, Flats: Payless


3 Comments on “Subliminal”

  1. You look cute! I can’t take a decent twirling shot for the life of me. Have a great trip!

  2. Jeannee says:

    I like this OOTD! Yeahhh, I’m about to put the a/c on, here in Virginia, USA

  3. Ah, I wish I could figure out how to get out of my summer dressing. Even when I want to dress like fall, I end up looking more like summer or winter. *sigh*
    I love this outfit! The yellow belt is kind of fantastic.

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