Bus Adventures

Back in LA everybody was surprised/horrified when I said I took the bus almost everywhere. Here’s the thing though – I’m used to taking public transportation at home, and buses in LA is a lot less crowded (well, the subway not so much), so no, I really didn’t mind the slowness or the occasional hobo. Now Debbi and I take the bus everywhere too, to the point that all the bus drivers of that line have come to know us as “those girls who get off at the Opera House.” Although after today we’re probably going to be known as “that girl and her American friend who threw up.” Yeah, Debbi got carsick and puked all over the floor of the bus. I felt so bad for her and even worse for the people on the bus because we just gave them an apologetic look and sprinted off before she started hurling again.

On the way back we decided to avoid that line and went on another bus, which was so crowded it felt like being in the middle of a mosh pit. Fun times.

T-shirt: Zara, Pants: thrifted
Flats: Payless, Bag: Snow Patrol concert

P/S: I was interviewed for a travel blogger named Emily Luxton about my trip to Sa Pa. It’s just a rehash of what I already posted here, but if you want a recap, check it out. And big thanks to Emily for featuring me on her blog!


3 Comments on “Bus Adventures”

  1. Megan says:

    Oh no! Poor Debbi, I can’t imagine getting carsick on a bus and puking right then and there 😦

  2. What a great top and cute thrifted pants! I’m so sad about Debbi, though! I once threw up all over Madrid… long story. But I can feel her pain!

  3. Mike says:

    I’m totally used to taking public transportation where I live. Never once drove a car. The bus has been faithful to me for 10+ years now. 🙂 And I say why fix something when it’s not broke?
    Sorry to hear about your friend’s “car sickness”. That’s gotta be a real bummer. Hope she recovered from that quickly!

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