Style Imitating Art Inspiration Update

All of us here at Style Imitating Art headquarters (not an actual place but I wish it was) have been getting questions from ladies who are interested in the challenge but find it difficult to join because they’re unable to follow who is hosting when. To clear up the matter and still maintain the personal aspect of the challenge, we’ve decided to post the inspiration and the host’s email on each of our blog every other Monday. That way you can just check either Animated Cardigan, Thrifted Shift, or 14 Shades of Grey on Monday to see what the inspiration is and where to send your outfit photo to.

Anyway, this week’s host is Vivienne of Thrifted Shift, and she picked the famous cave paintings of Lascaux:

Super cool, right? Be sure to send Vivienne ( your outfit photos by Monday (Sep 24) afternoon!


One Comment on “Style Imitating Art Inspiration Update”

  1. Thanks, Salazar! You’re totally on top of it!

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