Sa Pa, part III

This is the last one, I promise. Here are just some random pictures of the markets in Sa Pa – both the everyday one, and the one that only happens every weekend. The central market is in a two-story open building, with food and produce on the first floor, while clothes and fabric and other dry goods are upstairs. The weekend market is held in the square in front of the church.

Dried herb medicine

Also, mildly terrifying knives

What we loved the most about Sa Pa is that yes, everybody tries to sell you stuff, but they’re really nice about it, not pushy at all (most of the time.) And they always throw in a free friendship bracelet if you buy something.

These ladies loved playing doll with me and Debbi. Debbi did get the shirt, but I ended up buying another skirt – this one’s too heavy for me

Most of the clothes sold in the market are made right there

And the cloth is woven from hemp – you’d rarely see a Hmong woman without a skein of hemp around her hand

Sa Pa Church. We spent two hours inside reading and getting weird looks from other tourists

And of course, being a cat lady, I have to conclude the Sa Pa posts with a picture of cat we saw in a restaurant:

3 Comments on “Sa Pa, part III”

  1. I love these photos, especially of the women working on their sewing machines! Awesome! I still haven’t bought one, but I really should… I think it’s cool that friendship bracelets are part of transactions, too.

  2. i love how everybody is smiling in the photos. plus dried herbs!!! amazing.

  3. Megan says:

    What a cute kitty photo!! That market looks awesome, and that’s great that people aren’t pushy.

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