Temples And More Temples

We just got back from Sa Pa very early this morning (4:30 to be exact), so while I’m sorting out the photos from the trip and recovering from all the hikes we did (more on that later, but suffice to say everything hurts), here are more pictures from all the temples we visited the week before in Thanh Hoá. It’s amazing how many rulers come from this place – at least four different families of kings and lords originated around that area.

A 13th-century citadel

It’s a pig! It’s a buffalo! It’s a derpy graffiti on the temple wall!

These temples have the most angry-looking statues I’ve ever seen

One of the temples was very crowded with people commemorating the king’s death anniversary

P/S: This also means that you have until later tonight to send me your Style Imitating Art outfit photos!


3 Comments on “Temples And More Temples”

  1. emilyluxton says:

    Sounds amazing! I really want to go to Vietnam!!

    I run a feature on my blog where I speak to people who’ve recently travelled somewhere interesting, just a mini interview and a few of their photos, plus a link to their blog/website/flikr etc. It’s called Postcard From and looks like this http://emilyluxton.co.uk/category/postcard-from/

    I would love to feature you once you’re done sorting through all your photos! If you’re interested please email me at eluxton@hotmail.co.uk

  2. lim3lin says:

    the temple is really unique

  3. Wow, that dragon is fierce!! What a great stop on your trip!

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