So here are the pictures from the first stop of our family road trip this past weekend – Lam Kinh, or the tomb of Le Loi, the king who gave us the legend of Sword Lake. Officially, the purpose of the trip  is to take my niece to see her grandfather, my brother-in-law’s dad, who hasn’t seen her since last winter, but my dad suggested that Debbi and I tagged along to some historical sites around the area as well (my home village is about 50km away in the opposite direction so we didn’t get a chance to drop by), and this is the first of them.

I’ve only heard of the name before, and thought that it was nothing more than a group of temples or something along that line. I was not prepared for a huge park, with sun-dappled stone paths and a green river winding through the trees, dotted here and there by ancient-looking temples. Debbi and I joked that it was like something out of Lord of the Rings. I kept expecting to see wood-elves jump out from behind the trees at any moment. It’s really a pleasant surprise.

This banyan tree is 300 years old

The tree is called a “laughing guava”, because when you lightly scratch the bark, the branches will quiver like it’s laughing. It’s seriously cute

Debbi had a WTF moment when some girls asked to take a picture with her… for some reason


One Comment on “Mirkwood”

  1. yay! I love sightseeing with you guys!

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