Random Street Adventure

Here are some snapshots of the Old Quarter, when Debbi and I went to find some presents for her family and friends. We mostly window-shopped though, the real shopping will have to wait until Debbi is getting ready to leave (*sniffles*).

Adorable teddy bears and floral tops… way over our budget though

Debbi’s radio active soda, and a common sight in Hanoi – motorbikes parked on the sidewalk

A popular snack (especially with school kids) – pickled and candied dried fruits

St. Joseph Cathedral, map to a nearby coffee shop, and the epic chocolate chip cookie we got from there

Yup, the “Call Me Maybe” meme has found its way here as well…

Fresh crabs outside a seafood restaurant

We do like our creepy masks

2 Comments on “Random Street Adventure”

  1. Great photos! I really liked the one of the pickled and candied dried fruits especially. My mouth is totally watering right now and I have a sudden craving for tamarind candy!

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