Down The River

On the same day that Debbi and I went to the Stone Cathedral, we also went on a river tour in a nearby area nicknamed “Ha Long Bay on land” (you’ll see why in the pictures.) The river is incredibly pretty, with greenery everywhere; the caves are awesome (in every sense of the word) with stalactites hanging dangerously low from the ceiling; and we were all impressed with how the rowers used their feet to row the boats. Words are inadequate to describe it, so I’m going to let the pictures to the talking (I’m just posting a few here to avoid picture overload. For more photos head over to Debbi’s travel blog, I Forgot My Shoes.)

The entrance to one of the caves…

… and the inside

I’m telling you, mad skills

My new boater hat suddenly became very appropriate


2 Comments on “Down The River”

  1. I thought to myself at first glance “Why on earth did they travel all the way up to Guilin?”
    And then I realized I was wrong and started drooling over the beautiful scenery. It looks like a wonderfully relaxed trip!

  2. I want to go to there!!!

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