Temple of Literature

So this is the first of the “touristy” places in Hanoi that I took Debbi to – the Temple of Literature, where Vietnam’s first national university was hosted. You may even recognize it. It was really cool, not just because of the history, but also because we saw a group of new graduates there taking their class photo. (Oh, just in case you’re thinking we were gross for wearing the same clothes – we went there on the same day as the Museum of Art, since they’re right across the street from each other. We still got pretty gross by the end of the day though, because we kept missing the rain – it rained at the museum before we got there and at home before we got home – so all we had was the heat and humidity afterward.)

Debbi’s “touristy” photo, and my not so touristy one

The “quad” of the university

And because we’re both partial to Richmond Felicity Avenal, we had to take pictures in front of the red door

On to a different matter: it’s my turn to pick an inspiration for Style Imitating Art again, and I picked The Painter: To the Moon by Marc Chagall. Debbi suggested that I picked a Chagall because he is her favorite artist, and while I like all his use of colors, I decided to go with one where it’s all nice and cool. It’s summer. We all need that.

Have fun, and remember to send me your outfit photos by Monday morning at the latest!


3 Comments on “Temple of Literature”

  1. What a cool place! Thanks for sharing your travels! And I love that you manage to choose artists that I love for SIA but more rare works!

  2. What an amazing place! I wish I could visit!
    I love your dress. And I so want to do the style imitating art! I tried when Jess was hosting, but I didn’t enter the right email address and it never sent.

  3. Cortney A. says:

    Temple of Literature? Sounds like my kind of place! 🙂

    It’s definitely gorgeous and your pictures capture it beautifully.

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