Museum of Sketchy Doorways

If you think Debbi and I hit nothing but museums during our first few days of traveling, you’re right. We both love museums (including the fact that they all seem to have – no matter where they are – inappropriately fancy and overpriced restaurants), so it’s only natural. Today we went to Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts. I haven’t been there in about 15 years or more, and the few memories I have of it are dark staircases seeming only darker because of the tall windows looking down at them, a scary basement, and oh, some pretty paintings.

After 15 years, the museum’s collection has improved somewhat; there are more pretty things to look at, but the dark staircases and scary basement remain the same. There are also locked doors, hallways that lead to dark rooms, and a statue that looks exactly like a Dementor (it’s actually an Army helmet wrapped in a robe, to represent memorial. But no offense, my mind immediately went to “Dementor.”) If it wasn’t for the artworks, this building would make a perfect setting for a horror movie.

But the art is lovely.


2 Comments on “Museum of Sketchy Doorways”

  1. I laughed so hard, I snorted. My mom used to help out at the local museum running a kids’ program during the late Friday special programming. We got very used to the creepy underbelly of our museum and I had to laugh about your experience with creeper art and winding stairs. At least the collection looks like it’s relatively interesting.

  2. Dementor! Hahaha! You’re funny. That piece is seriously cool, though! I like that painting of the girl, too. Very sweet.

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